personal shopping and styling


Choosing clothes can be challenging and even exhausting, so my goal is to make this process as pleasurable as possible. Maybe you have just moved in or started a new job, or need to dress for a special occasion. Or maybe it's in a moment of change. Whatever your moment is, it’s important your wardrobe reflects every step of your life.

A Personal Shopping and Styling session will be perfect to celebrate this turning point in your life or even a tremendous gift for someone you know.

For the session to be effective, it is crucial for me to know your routine and your lifestyle so you must fill the Style Questionnaire before going shopping. This step is very important to understand your expectations, favorite brands, budget, and style.

It is also indispensable to understand the purpose of this shopping session to help you to create a Capsule Wardrobe* or get the best out of your current wardrobe. With the information you provide, I will plan and suggest a shopping trip itinerary.

Good to know: you are unrequired to buy anything during our session. The goal is to understand which clothes fit you well and what strategies to keep in mind when choosing a garment. In this way, you can apply the methodology learned in future purchases ... on your own.

So go prepared to visit shops - and their fit rooms - and stand face to face with you in the mirror.




  • More enjoyable and easier shopping - I'll rely on my knowledge - about clothes and about you - to track the best stores.
  • Choices that really value you - the session is very relaxing but full of suggestions and recommendations for cuts, shapes, and what look better on you. For a more in-depth session, however, check out my Body Analysis and Wardrobe Assessment services.
  • Lots of style tips - like good combinations, cuts, and shapes that are ideal for your measurements (for example, stretching your legs, creating curves, etc.).
  • Raise the potential of your wardrobe - I will recommend key pieces that can be strategically combined with other clothes, so you will tend to buy less and wisely.
  • You will buy only what you need...and love! - It's part of my role to mediate the buying process to ensure you are properly assisted by the store staff and that they do not try to sell things you do not need.
  • Learn how to embrace current trends - I'll make recommendations that are age-appropriate and style-wise, no matter what age group you're in.
  • Refine and expand your style - I'll suggest styles that will enhance you further, based on what I know, your personality and your lifestyle.
  • Get a selection of clothes that fit well together - I'll help you create an exclusive selection of pieces that reflect your style and personality. An efficient wardrobe, easy and very stylish.




  • Make sure you're wearing the best for you - my goal is to find clothes that will fit you perfectly. You will feel better knowing you are wearing what was made for you.

  • Potentiate your career - as a result of a style that adheres to the dress code of your day-to-day and work environment.

  • Saving money - I will do my utmost to ensure the best value for money on your purchases.

  • Enjoy your pampering day - enjoy the VIP treatment and the unique experience of a Personal Shopper session!


* The Capsule Wardrobe and a methodology of selection and organization of your closet. The idea is to choose, in an accurate way, a maximum number of pieces (between 30 and 40) that perfectly match each other. The result is less cluttering, more possibilities of combinations and less time choosing clothes. You can discover more by clicking here.