online style consulting


I'm Brazilian, but I have been living in London for more than two years now. Even so, many friends from Brazil ask me lots of questions about what to wear and how to use what they purchase.

Also, sometimes we simply don't have proper time to think about how to match clothes and/or need that extra push to boost our style.

Based on this, I decided to provide a virtual service, an Online Style Consulting.

The idea is simple: do you know that lack of creativity when thinking about everyday clothes or the time absence to create a wonderful look for a special event? Well then, you just need to get in touch. We will chat, and I will be able to curate the best looks for you - everything 100% online.

Within 48 hours of our meeting, you will receive an exclusive Style Guide, specially created for you!


How does it work?


  1. We’ll have an honest conversation: regardless of what type of occasion or free time you have, all you need is 30 to 60 minutes to talk, which can be video or text (hello, WhatsApp!). In this meeting, we will discuss your current wardrobe, your expectations, what you exactly need, you may send me photos and everything else you think is important. We set an appointment and meet at the scheduled time.

  2. Based on the type of support you need and the time you have available, I will suggest style tips help you put together the ideal look. The final product, however, will be a Style Guide, an online document with the items that most value you according to your style.

  3. I will do all the research based on our conversation and develop your Guide, focusing on what you need.

  4. After 48-72 hours our conversation, your Style Guide will be sent to you via email.



  • Your own Style Guide - you will have a practical guide to help you put together day-to-day outfit combinations and / or a look for a special event according to your expectations.
  • A list of the best stores for you - an exclusive list of shops where you can find articles according to your style and budget.
  • A Personal Styling service without leaving home - The speed and practicality of the virtual world in your favor. 
  • Style express service - immediate answers to your questions and a practical Style Guide in your hands within 48 hours.




  • Exclusivity and quick service - the Online Style Consulting is like hiring a personal stylist to create unique combinations for you - without leaving home.
  • Time saver - life is too short to waste hours wandering the mall or searching for stores that are not your style. With this precious information in hands, you can spend more time enjoying life.
  • Smart shopping - focus on buying only what you need: less meaningless shopping!
  • A powerful wardrobe without costing much - the items are chosen especially for you, within your budget.