capsule wardrobe

Let's be honest: how many times have you ever come across your stuffed wardrobe and yet you have not found anything to wear? There are plenty options, otherwise, your closet would be empty. Often our clothes do not fit together and, worse, are not easy to match with other garments, making dressing a storm, a moment of frustration and unnecessary waste of energy and time.

Here I propose the creation of a compact, stylish wardrobe with pieces that can be easily combined with each other. So I present the Capsule Wardrobe: a selection of 20 to 40 super useful pieces, including dresses, trousers/ shorts, skirts, tops, coats and shoes that can be "managed" by you without much effort and time.




  • Save time and money - much more outfits with fewer items that will better reflect your own style.
  • Discover a new way to consume fashion - as we are talking about a wardrobe limited in number of items, most likely the mantra "buy less and better" will be used more frequently in future purchases.
  • Clothes and accessories with better quality - few pieces, but which will last and make a difference in your life and self esteem.




  • Free time for you - the end of those long mornings lost through your closet to find the look of the day.
  • Conscious and sustainable consumption - fewer impulsive purchases, more investment in articles that match you and are worth the money because of its quality. 
  • More space - that messy wardrobe (that you feel embarrassed to open to your friends) is in the past! More space for things that really matter...plus energy flowing better at your home.
  • Better sense of style - by discovering and understanding which items actually suit you and your body.


*In case you have a flexible budget, we can create a closet based on articles of better quality with sustainable and ethical production.