body analysis


Analyzing your body type would ideally be the first service I will offer to you: I venture to say that the rule number one about well dressing is wearing clothes that fit exactly in your body type. You can have a wardrobe stuffed with beautiful pieces from renowned designers and yet not have a look that suits you perfectly. If your clothes do not have the ideal fit for your body type, there is no reason to have the most expensive garment on the planet.

So you ask: what do you cover in Body Analysis?

I will identify the shape of your body by taking your measurements and capturing photos of your silhouette from different angles. With this information I will prepare your exclusive Style Guide, an online file with the best style

This includes advice and tips on proportions, lines, colours, and textures (the four elements of design). The goal is for you to reach the ideal silhouette through your clothes - and for that to happen all these four elements have to be super well aligned and in perfect harmony with your body type.

The Body Analysis, plus the benefit of reshaping your image, can also mean significant savings, as it will help you make the right purchases.




  • Have access to a report on your body type - with recommendations designed specifically for you to use in your future solo purchases. 
  • Knowing more about the shape of your body - most people are a mixture of more than one body type (rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, etc). That is why it is very important an in-depth analysis - covering the upper half, lower half and, height since for each area different rules apply to dress. My work mixes these rules to create a custom set to fit perfectly to your body.
  • All types of garments are covered - this means that the Body Analysis covers all areas of your wardrobe. Consequently, you will know the styles of tops, jackets, coats, knitwear, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts and accessories that best suit you.
  • Tricks and tips for wearing YOUR body - such information will be included in your Style Guide as well as recommendations for must-have items that can be mixed and combined with other elements of your wardrobe.
  • Ease for your online shopping - with this information in hands, it will be easier to go shopping online once you'll know exactly what works best for you along with your measurements.

In short, I will also suggest stores (and links) with items available for purchase based on your profile.




  • Feel more confident knowing you are exalting the best of your body - you will learn to compose looks that enhance what you are, in addition to other features to appear leaner, taller, more sexy, more curvaceous and so on. I will recommend specific garments based on what you need to achieve your best.
  • Satisfaction and empowerment - the result and that good feeling of self-confidence knowing that you are wearing the clothes that fall perfectly into your body - and exalt the best of it.
  • Discover new styles - from the variety of styles, shapes and colours that I will present in the Syle Guide.
  • Have a personal guide (only yours!) always at hand for the moments you need - useful and practical content that can be used for life.