Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by how people dress and how their choices translate their identities and aspirations to the world around them, consciously and unconsciously. Since always I strongly believe in style as one of several forms of individual expression.

I am PR and passionate about it, but I also have a very strong connection with fashion and style. I honestly could say I like this subject since I started understanding myself as a person.

Over the years, nevertheless, I have focused to work in the Communication and Marketing field, which I initially graduated for. I have worked for more than three years with Brazilian art and culture, and it opened up a world of discoveries in the artistic and creative fields.

A few years ago I moved from Sao Paulo to London and started to go back to fashion. Initially, I wrote articles on fashion and style for some online stores in Brazil; then took courses on fashion, psychology, and style consulting at the University of Arts of London and the Fashion Retail Academy.

My philosophy as a personal stylist goes beyond helping women to recognize their best. My goal is to assist you to express your true self in a genuine and convincing way, to make you feel comfortable in your own body. And it will naturally boost your confidence and self-esteem in all aspects of your life. Are you ready to join me?